Dolphin Management

Georgio Papadopoulos is the founder of Dolphin Management Biz. We have a long term experience in booking, excellent business contacts, and a particular efficiency in supporting the clients that made the agency become a highly regarded address on the world market in a short time. We have been in the fashion industry business since 1991.

Georgio Papadopoulos has been a leader in the financial world and a pioneer in several successful franchises (Focus Brands) and companies of today's business world. Dolphin Management agency was created to free, and inspire the modeling agent of today's world. It started as an idea and became reality. My dream was to set our selves apart from the norm, of today's business. We want our staff and co-workers to be able to enjoy working out of they're own environments with out the bureurcrasy and boss overlooking the shoulder. We like the freelancing life style and allow our staff and agents to be able to perform their duties from anywhere in the world with our technical support, resources and network. With two locations, one in the USA, and one in the European Union, we are able to accomplish that. We are strong believers in the environment and support organizations that help the wild life and the green house effect around the world. We support and finance fundraisers for the Dolphin Organizations worldwide. This is a way we returning a favor to the things we love the most.

Fashion editorial staff, notable designers, production companies as well as advertising agencies and companies from the fashion area build the clientele of the model agency. Dolphin Management positions itself towards its national and international clients as a full service provider with focus on a long-term and fair collaboration. This claim is reflected in the quality of the models and the high competence in the organization and the care of client inquiries. Today the experienced and competent team of Dolphin Management takes care of the individual career management of models world wide with our North American and European Division.